Terra is an innovation of money that uses the revolutionary technology of cryptocurrency, to construct the financial system of tomorrow. Helios is a community website built to illuminate the Terra Galaxy and eventually its counterparts in the greater crypto universe. For now users can navigate through the galaxy and gallery to learn about Terra and its individual projects.            

      Since cryptocurrencies are cutting edge technology, many newcomers feel overwhelmed by the uniqueness of the space. Helios is designed to easily communicate the concepts of Terra and its crypto counterparts without any barriers of entry, whether it be a lack of time, knowledge, or money. Helios was built by LUNAtics for LUNAtics. We hope to serve the community and help expand the LUNAtics far and wide.

     Helios will evolve to bring updates to the Terra Galaxy along with more complex explanations, guided tutorials to teach key Terra/crypto concepts, and many more features and easter eggs to the site.