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Unleash the Floodgates

The update to the Terra Network spawns a portal on the border of the Galaxy.  A brave, lone stablecoin journeys inside.  The Cosmos IBC allows Terra's Stablecoins to communicate with other blockchains.  An army of stablecoins rushes to the portal.  Their mission: to bring the benefits of decentralized stablecoins to the users of cryptocurrency everywhere.

$MINE your Minerals

A new way to spend your money has arrived. The age of Pylon brings the power of Terra to the archaic payment systems of today.  Deposit once, Spend forever.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

The mysterious mirror orbiting Terra has a hidden power.  Assets from all over the world can enter Mirror to become enhanced copies.  Mirrored assets are open to all.  No matter the country or credentials, an internet user can have access to the power of assets.

The Dynamic Duo

Speeding through an asteroid, Anchor is a Titan in the galaxy. Its value and security are unmatched. Orion was created to unleash the power of Anchor all across the Crypto Universe.  When the two combine, they create aportal for stablecoins to rush into the Terra Galaxy.

The Dawn of Helios

The Terra Galaxy is surrounded by billions of stars, however a tiny, new red star has been born. The star hurries for the Terra Ecosystem.  Its goal is to help illuminate the Galaxy in any way it can.